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High Tech Communications Services (H.T.C.S.) is a French company, created in 2000.

Based in Versailles, in the immediate vicinity of the Vélizy-Villacoublay technology park, H.T.C.S. operates in the field of New Information and Communication Technologies (N.I.C.T.). Its core business is to help resolve key issues involving telecommunication and Information Systems Security.

As part of this mission, H.T.C.S.:

  • Carries out studies and audits and provides consultancy services.

  • Draws up best practice and market studies involving existing equipment or software packages.
  • Develops, acquires, markets and implements equipment and software packages, ensuring their technical development and maintenance.

  •   Trains staff in the following areas:
    • The definition and introduction of security measures or policies for information systems and communications.
    • The choice of equipment and software packages to meet requirements.
    • The use, supervision and maintenance of equipment and software.

When conducting its business and performing the tasks entrusted to it, H.T.C.S. works alone or in partnership, calls on highly-experienced consultants and can rapidly form cross-disciplinary teams customized for the job in hand.

HTCS meets the confidentiality criteria required by major public sector bodies.